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    Four years of German class, and I can’t speak or write worth a damn. Three years in Japan and I can’t read or write and...
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    oh german, how i love speaking thee. but i totally make up the articles based on what sounds right.
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  7. rnctranslations answered: For me it’s the nouns and the gender (English doesn’t have this problem, but French for instance is quite hard).
  8. aubergeen answered: The pronunciation rules are… nonexistent. Toughest thing for me, who learnt English mostly through reading and writing and now lives here.
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  12. carolinebacevice answered: latin… oh my god. ablative(which most languages dont even have). ablative absolutes are the death of me.
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    Hey. It’s like Latin.
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  17. jubjubwhodraws answered: How about French? Une, un, les, le, la, xDDD
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    Russian, hands down. And Old English is a jerk. XD
  21. la-locaconfudida answered: Russian has 4 articles too
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